"That's easy for people who don't have anybody depending on them. What if you have a wife and children? " Neale Donald Walsch

"The path of the householder has always been a most challenging path. Perhaps The most challenging path." God

From international best-selling book, "Conversations with God"

Our mission

The Kings of Freedom aim is to arm 1M+ married men with kids with the potent force of Kingly strategy and insight, so you will be primed for Samurai-style focus and responsiveness in the chaotic battlefield of life, as you CREATE massive forward momentum inside your personal energy, business or career, marriage, parenting and LIFE!!!

Yet we live in a world where Most married men with kids struggle with 2-3 of the following:

  • Experience a deep sense of aloneness in trying to cope with hidden self-criticism, anxiety, poor self-esteem, anger and frustration as they try to convey a “happy face” to the world  (49% of men feel more depressed and anxious than they will admit to their friends and family)
  • Addiction to porn, masturbation, drugs, alcohol, food and social media to take the edge off the felt inner pressures
  • A disconnected marriage with droughts of sex and intimacy, their wife often critical of the lack of leadership she sees in her man (Over 50% of marriages end in divorce)
  • Get home from work secretly feeling bad that they don’t actually have the energy to deal with their kids, are hard with their kids, pour themselves a drink as they bury their attention in social media
  • They have a body that’s out of shape, weak, sedated and completely void of anything near the wildness or radical aliveness they remember having as younger men
  • Feeling submitted as they give up on their greatest dreams for the sake of maintaining the running order of the family
  • They secretly watch porn, masturbate and hold fantasises of fucking other women as they make love with their wife
  • Lost in seemingly endless family/work responsibilities, experiencing guilt that their greatest freedom and inner peace is experienced walking out the door going to anywhere but being at home
  • A near constant background unease with felt financial insecurity that has definite negative impacts on the ability to be connected in marriage and parenting

Are you next?

So some symptoms are present for you, others maybe not….

Or maybe you are in the same situation I found myself in, with the whole castle of my family life crumbling struggling with most of these symptoms as I was in self-destruct mode.....
With marriage ultimatums and my wife packing her bags the only things to snap me back into order....

Yet in the midst of Hell, I’ve Found The Answer to All Of This Problem

I know exactly how and why so many married men unwittingly get locked into a reality of self destructive behaviours that ruin any possibility of freedom in married life, personal energy and mission fulfilment.
But here’s the thing…..I’ve also discovered the way out of this hell.

Not because I’m better than the next man, or that I am extraordinary in any special way.

In repeated break-down or break through moments the inadequacy of the Modern Male operating system I inherited was shown for the disastrously incomplete nature of it.

Honestly, the pain of losing it all frightened me so deeply I had no choice but find a better way that worked on all levels.

A new path to fearless freedom

Kings of Freedom, is tailor-made for married men with kids to find the focus and resolve to do what needs to be done to lead your family and realise your potential as a King.

By learning to embrace the storm of self-leadership in family life, I've discovered powerful proven strategies to exit the quicksand of seemingly endless responsibilities that imprisoned me and create your life on my terms.

At 37, I’ve not only been working five years in my Masculine Mastery coaching business and set up Kings of Freedom movement and podcast, but I’m also more fit and energised than I was at 20, more passionately in love and experiencing hot sexual attraction than ever before with my wife of 13 years………..
……and currently raising our two daughters un-schooling style to be the unique, free-style genius creators they were born to be with total confidence in themselves.

All this as we keep eight horses, seven cats, one exercise-mad Husky and two budgies as we live in our country cottage retreat space in rural Roscommon, Ireland.

We’ve set up everything about the Kings of Freedom movement to support Married men just like you to learn how to:

  • Find absolute Clarity of Purpose and Unlock Limitless Energy 
  • Fire up and Re-invigorate sexual and intimate connection in your marriage long-term 
  • Master Inspired and Present leadership of your kids
  • Connect with Career and Business Purpose and Passion
  • Whilst Remembering your Kingly Guidance and untamed Wild Warrior core within

To create the Kingly Confidence and Have-It-All life worthy of the magnificent man you are. 

Kings Of Freedom

We live in a world where acknowledging your own extraordinary power and greatness is considered "cocky" or " arrogant". Before I met Mark, that was the world I was living in! I was just coasting through life, almost afraid of letting my fire burn. Little did I know I was just dampening my own fire, I was unknowingly holding myself back. Working with Mark has shown me how to unleash my own greatness, with no shame or guilt! Just unapologetically me! I am me, take it or leave it! Mark is a black belt of the mind! 

Colm Curley -
Twice Irish National BJJ Champion

Mark's coaching has been INCREDIBLE! He's helped me unlock aspects of myself that I'd either forgotten or didn't know where even a possibility. From him I've learnt to be more playful, loving & compassionate with both myself and my family. He guided me out of the cinema of the mind and helped me reawaken my spirituality.. 

Josh Howell - 
Passionate whole-life Optimizer, Australia

"Mark has proven himself an extraordinary coach.
One of his special talents was to draw out the real challenge I was experiencing by allowing me the space to have my own insights.
Mark breaks down boundaries and creates a special environment for himself and his client to allow the magic to happen.
As a practicing coach myself I've never met a coach with the compassion and vulnerability that Mark shows up with each time for his client.
It's a pleasure to work so closely with such a person."

Michael Hegarty -
High Performance Business Coach, Ireland