I coach high achieving men to be the husband she brags about.

Most high achieving married men have one secret frustration: their skillset that brings continuous success in work and money does not bring success in marriage. 

No matter how successful they are, the greatest fear is that their best will never be enough to make their wife happy and their marriage work.

The more success you have in work and money, the deeper your wife's lack of fulfilment in marriage grows. 

The external facade of always having your shit together avoiding your feeling of powerlessness and inadequacy in marriage convinces everyone.....except your wife. 

In this work, you learn repeatable ways of becoming the marriage transforming force in your relationship. 

You avoid years of guesswork and the risk of divorce or settling to live together unhappily ever after.

My own personal challenge of living with a profound sense of powerlessness and inadequacy in marriage wrapped deep inside a façade of always having my shit together has become my most exceptional gift in working with successful men seeking marriage transformation. You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing other men's superpower and magnificence in marriage - even when they can't see it for themselves. 

I coach men ready to experience Fearless Freedom while creating their Have-It-All, Happily Ever After life WITHOUT having to leave their wife and kids, lose their job, go bankrupt and start from zero...yes, worst case scenario fearful thinking is what stops most men from taking the first step towards Total Freedom. 


Are you ready to bring your Success Habit into your entire Married Life and Intimate Relationship?

Are you ready to eliminate arguments and overwhelm from your marriage experience?

Are you ready for your woman to love you, kids to respect you, and your friends to admire the married life you have?

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"Mark’s awesome, ferocious, conscious and unfuckwithable coaching have brought out in me a level of confidence in my masculinity I really never knew I had or would feel again. I’m receiving inner healing and really starting to accept and love myself in a new way as I continue the journey towards total fulfilment as a masculine heart warrior."

Carlos De Serpa Pimentel - Partner Appleby, Cayman Islands 

"Mark Usher is a coach of tremendous presence, power and impact. To be coached by Mark is to be simultaneously held safe whilst also being vigorously challenged. Mark is a man of high consciousness and presence and he embodies this in his personal and professional practices. He is someone rare in this world - a man who walks his talk and holds himself to account. Because he does this, he is also able to go deep with you and hold you to account. Mark sees the man you want to be and he is able to hold a mirror up and show you what is possible for you. Mark is able to create an immaculate container for coaching and he leads his sessions with an uncanny intuition that leads to the deepest insights. You will know you are in the presence of a master coach of real depth and experience." 

Karl Walkinshaw - Men's Coach, Mentor and Trainer, England 

"We live in a world where acknowledging your own extraordinary power and greatness is considered "cocky" or " arrogant". Before I met Mark, that was the world I was living in! I was just coasting through life, almost afraid of letting my fire burn. Little did I know I was just dampening my own fire, I was unknowingly holding myself back. Working with Mark has shown me how to unleash my own greatness, with no shame or guilt! Just unapologetically me! I am me, take it or leave it! Mark is a black belt of the mind!" 

Colm Curley - Twice Irish National BJJ Champion