Kingly Confidence
Masculine Mastery
Fearless Freedom

Learn the tools to:

Unshackle your past and learn to courageously turn up gifting your authentic, status quo-challenging, world-changing, radically alive self to the world

Be an inspirational leader of your tribe whose presence draws out the epic hero in everyone around you

Connect to your soul-driven mission and extraordinary impact you are here to create in the world and set about making it happen

Your greatest power in life lies deep inside you beyond your doubts and fears.

Your greatest moment in life is finding the key to go there.

Even though I might never have met you, I KNOW you can be, do or have whatever you place your magnificent mind and heroic heart on… and here is where you will learn how.

Mark Usher

"Mark’s awesome, ferocious, conscious and unfuckwithable coaching have brought out in me a level of confidence in my masculinity I really never knew I had or would feel again. I’m receiving inner healing and really starting to accept and love myself in a new way as I continue the journey towards total fulfilment as a masculine heart warrior."

Carlos de Serpa Pimentel

Mark's coaching has been INCREDIBLE! He's helped me unlock aspects of myself that I'd either forgotten or didn't know where even a possibility. From him I've learnt to be more playful, loving & compassionate with both myself and my family. He guided me out of the cinema of the mind and helped me reawaken my spirituality.

josh howell

Josh Howell

Realize Your Ultimate Purpose and Live it.

Learn what the 5 poisons of success are and the 5 antidotes.

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