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nothing to lose... Kingly levels of peace, Power & purpose in deep intimacy & Life to gain! 

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Inject Kingly Confidence and Fearless Freedom into each day with 2-4min bursts of Relationship Mastery wisdom and inspiration. Daily fire for uncommon intimate engagement producing uncommonly brilliant results in your sex life and relationship.   

King's Curriculum Series: Lead with the best wisdom

The essential knowledge every man should have been taught to create your Heroic, Have-It-All life focusing on shit that matters AS YOU show up powerfully in marriage, mission & mastery. Living and dying without regret requires whole life mastery; this is where you start.

Connection with Tribe of Kings

 Surround yourself with powerful men ready to celebrate your victories and challenge you to overcome your fears and go further than you ever imagined was possible in all areas of your relationship. Connect with the global expanding Kings of Freedom brotherhood on bi-monthly Coaching calls & Monthly Masterclass Meetups with founder Mark Usher, and through direct private messaging. 

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Hacking away of mainstream social media distractions with exclusive white-labelled purpose built community platform including full library, private messaging, events etc.    

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From Masculine/Feminine & Archetype Dynamics, Shadow Work inner critic tools, optimising your energetic state with breathwork exercises, to daily journaling to bring out your best, we've got your highest performance as a King covered.