Kingly Confidence. Masculine Mastery. Fearless Freedom.

Welcome to the podcast that helps men just like you show up in the world as the Unapologetic, Unfuckwithable, Free-loving King you were born to be.

Join masculine mastery coach Mark Usher on a journey to eliminating unnecessary stress, struggle and shame while unlocking unlimited levels of inner Peace, Power and Prosperity in your life. His fearless masculine coaching has been supporting men around the world to reconnect with their unstoppable Kingly confidence as they learn to ferociously self-love and accept their magnificence as men. Fuck conformity.  In your truth you move with nothing to prove. You Are Enough.  Fearless Freedom comes to the man who self-authorises his masterpiece life, in flowing alignment with his truth placing him on the path to living and dying without regret. Leading edge insights for mastering your radically alive masculine inner world as you make your Mark, gift your Message and lead your Mission with purpose in the world. This is the podcast that will support you in releasing years of persistently avoiding unspoken inner pain and transforming it into fuel for awakening your greatest confidence and creating the Have-It-All life of your dreams. Let’s begin!