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 Married Men Experience "The Impossible Demands Monster":

  • Modern life's complexity and overwhelming demands mixed with women wanting more from husbands than ever before. 
  • Frustration dealing with their wives irrationality and criticisms periodically erupting in anger followed by regret. 
  • Long droughts of intimacy where endless responsibilities come first and sex comes last. 
  • Loves his wife but fears he hasn't got what it takes to make his marriage work and ever be truly happy together. 
  • Get home from work secretly feeling bad they are too exhausted to be intimate with their wives or deal with their kids, feeling only fit to zone out in front of TV, scroll on social media or let addictions take the edge off. 
  • Feeling empty as doing the domestics without becoming domesticated seems an impossible task. 
  • Feeling guilty that their greatest freedom and inner peace is experienced walking out the door going to anywhere but being at home.   
  • They have a body that’s out of shape, weak, sedated and completely void of anything near the wild aliveness they remember having as younger men.   

3 Easy steps to becoming a great husband


Hack What Doesn't Work 

Stop doing what no woman wants from their husband yet most men are unaware they do.


Master What Works

Set simple, easy-to-implement habits for amazing connection and red hot sex.


Live Your Have-It-All Life

From your unshakable marriage foundation, you build your Have-It-All Kingly life!

Life is too short not to be the hero in your wife's eyes

We teach men to lead with radical authenticity as their woman trusts them above every other man alive.

We show you clear, easy-to-implement next steps to creating an amazing relationship with your wife.

We help you focus on what works to master marriage & passionate intimacy in the complexity of modern living.

"Mark’s awesome, ferocious, conscious and unfuckwithable coaching have brought out in me a level of confidence in my masculinity I really never knew I had or would feel again. I’m receiving inner healing and really starting to accept and love myself in a new way as I continue the journey towards total fulfilment as a masculine heart warrior."

Carlos de Serpa pimentel - Partner, Group Head Private Client & Trusts - Appelby, Cayman Islands

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Implement simple, easy-to-implement habits for amazing connection and red hot sex.


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"I've implemented loads of these within a few days and have found a connection that hasn't been there for some time."

Luke Walsh - Husband and father of two - Dublin

meet your mentor - Mark Usher

Mark Usher is a Masculine Mastery Relationship coach to high achieving men around the globe, podcast host at The Kings of Freedom Podcast and passionate family man.

His wife falling in love with another man after twelve years of her requests for Mark to show up as a better husband falling on deaf ears  caused Mark to finally wake up to the marital shit show he had been creating.....and desperately trying to ignore.

Starting a Ground Zero marriage and life rebuild, he stopped blaming his wife and family for holding him back, stopped shaming himself for not being good enough as a man, and finally showed up and took extreme responsibility for his outlook on marriage, family and life.

His life's passion is supporting men shift from the risk of losing it all in marriage, to creating their Kingly Have-It-All married life with their wives trusting them like no other man alive.

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